Here’s what I do…not necessarily who I am…

Two time Ironman finisher,  six time 70.3 finisher,Grand Canyon runner (2 singles, one double crossing), Pikes Peak finisher, have completed 13 marathons, several ultras, 125 triathlons of varying distances, have swum from Alcatraz nine times (just won my age group this past season) raised my daughter single-handedly (put through college), work in public schools as a Speech/Language Pathologist (40th year) and continue to find new things to do. Picked up mountain biking ten years ago at age fifty and love it! Life is too short to not live it fully and completely and well.


5 thoughts on “Here’s what I do…not necessarily who I am…

    • I hear an echo…(ha). I consider these events diversions from my try life accomplishments of 1.) raising my daughter single-handedly and putting her through college. 2.) Getting up at 4 a.m. most days to get in a workout before I drive to my job that I have had for almost 40 years working with special needs kids. These are the things that matter truly. The rest are “set-tos” and icing on the cake of life!


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