33rd season – it’a a wrap!

So another year has almost come and gone.  They go by more quickly than ever now and each passing year means that I have less time to be here enjoying those I love and doing what I love doing.

I have the option to draw my SS money right now.  But I love my job too much to even consider retiring next year.  Maybe one more, and then???

Thank you Ali’i for having me as a team member this year!  I love their kits and bought a ROKA wetsuit through being a member.  Was comfortable racing this season for sure.

I had a good local race season.  Didn’t travel anywhere to race except to work in a 5k with my nephew back in Ohio.  I had podium finishes in all my races except the 5K, with all being firsts except for an Oly tri where my hammies kept cramping up and I practically walked the entire 10k, so faded to 2nd in AG.  So mortifying!  Gotta figure out what the trigger is…it’s definitely NOT dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.  More pickle juice I guess!  It’s all about choosing one’s race venues right?

Next year?  It’s being planned-tentatively.  A mountain bike event in Prescott is being tossed around.  I almost won the Whiskey Row marathon there years ago and I would love to go back and see that course again-most of the mountain bike course is on the marathon course I hear.  Maybe a two mile swim in Redding…and some local stuff including a back-to-back Oly one day followed by a Sprint the next day!

Have you ever done back to back tris?  How was it?

Have a great break from racing for a short while!  Get strong!  Get focused!  2016 race season will be here before you know it!



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