Not yet….

True story.

Two young guys were running along the streets of Santa Monica in the early 70s going at a leisurely sub 6 min. pace, chatting about work, school, girlfriends, the usual…when some on-looker decides to comment with sarcasm; “Oooh”, he quips. “Wish I could be a fast runner too!”

Without skipping a beat or breaking stride, one young man turns to the naysayer and says, “not yet”.  They run on.

Sage advice given.

There are many moments in life like this where we tell ourselves and others that “now” is not the time.

You are too young to have that baby.  Not yet.  Maybe someday.

You are not fast enough to run that 10k.  Not yet.  Maybe someday.

You are not trained enough to drive the car, teach a room full of students, do therapy.  Not yet.  Maybe someday.

You haven’t had enough life experience to be able to vote, have a truly meaningful relationship, buy and maintain and pay for a house.  Not yet. Maybe someday.

It’s good to have a marathon (or two or a dozen) under ones’ belt before a BC is attempted, or the marathon at the end of an Ironman.  Not yet. Maybe someday.

It’s good to have experienced what a classroom of 30 is like before you decide to become a teacher for life.  Not yet.  Someday.  Maybe.

It’s good to have knowledge of child development and have some parenting skills before you raise a child.  Not yet.  Someday.  Yes, someday!

It’s good to practice parallel parking, your calculus or your Spanish, if you are going to be tested on these things.  Not yet.  Maybe one day. Someday.

Practice is good.

It makes you good at what you do, or what you want to do.

Don’t expect to do things well if you haven’t.  Make someday, today.            IMG_0006



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