Embracing 60+ TWO


Have I learned a thing or two in my 62 years on this earth?  Maybe a few things. Still learning.  It’s a long process.

Embrace the mystery. There are no answers for many things which occur.

Accept that there is no control (or at least very little of it) and worrying doesn’t help. (Although I am a master at this-so it’s an ongoing challenge for me.)

Don’t talk with family/friends about politics or religion if you happen to be on opposite sides of the fence. No one will budge on these issues and someone will be mad or hurt at the end of the “discussion”.

Being a part of a team at work is rewarding.

Being comfortable with being alone is something to practice, as we will all find ourselves in this position a few times in ones’ life.

Be of service to others. It’s the most wonderful road to happiness and contentedness.

Have many interests and connections with people with diverse backgrounds-not with those who just do what you do and think like you do.  I continue to learn things from those whose backgrounds are complete opposite of mine.

Your swimming, biking, running, weight-lifting, knitting, kayaking, hiking, whatever your passion may be, should not be all consuming. If you put all your eggs in one basket to “make you happy”, you will be constantly searching for “it”.

That person you married?  Tell him or her you love them several times a day.  Same with your kids.  Same with your parents.

Keep in touch with old friends.  Via letter writing.  Keep the USPS alive!

Celebrate little things- making it to another Friday after a hard work week.  Saving enough money to finally get rid of that old love seat and get a “real” couch. Your cat/dog’s adoption date.

Promise yourself that once you reach your 60s you will buy bottles of wine that cost $15 or more.  No more cheap stuff.

Not rocket science for sure…just trying to keep it simple for the next 30 years.


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