I hear that word quite a bit during the short time I am on-line, getting lost in links that take me to articles and blogs about training, running, cycling, swimming and other types of fitness.  The buzz word seems to be “BRAVE”-that if you sign up for (pick one)  a 1.) 5k 2.) 10k 3.) half mary 4.)marathon you are brave for doing so. That’s just for signing up. Then when you run the damn thing, usually with minimal training, and then blog about how life-changing and difficult it was, you are quite possibly the most awesome person in the universe.  Triple your braveness for a sprint triathlon and double it tenfold for a 70.3 or full Ironman.


Then I must be one of the bravest old ladies out there in the world. But I know for a fact that I am not.

Bravery is signing up for military service and going where “they” send you to defend our country.

Bravery is adopting a special needs kiddo who you know will have difficulties and challenges his/her whole life.

Bravery is walking away from an abusive marriage/relationship, and supporting oneself and kid(s) and never asking for a dime from anyone.

Bravery comes from being thrown into situations where you believe you have no control and then dealing with that situation.  It never comes from things self-imposed. And big changes will never come from those situations that you alone choose for yourself.

You can’t GO and BE brave. You can’t plan for it. Bravery comes after.


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