The Pull

Have you ever felt it? It’s visceral. From the center of you. An ache almost combined with complete awe, wonder, and joy.

I have felt this as I ran barefoot to the large tree with the big swing after a rainfall in summer, the drops falling heavily from the leaves and branches sparkling in the sun.

I have felt this pull as I was allowed to walk or ride my bike to school in first grade. Swishing through fields of tall grass. Crunching through fallen, dead leaves, emptying my boots of snow from drifts higher than my knees and dodging raindrops. Sundays meant a picnic if the weather permitted and a hike on trails around the reservoir. Or a fishing trip with my dad. Or up to the lake for family get-togethers where we would swim from sandbar to sandbar far away from the shore, amazed that the water only came up to our knees.

Even as a child I wanted to keep hiking, keep riding, keep swimming out, keep finding if there was anything to discover at the next big rock, tree or pond. I had to know. Everything was an adventure.

Everything still is.  Embrace the mystery. Go find out.


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